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Do I need to hire a lawyer?

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Do I need a lawyer?

We understand that hiring a lawyer can be a big decision. There are finances to consider. There’s research to do to find the lawyer who is right for you. Is it worth it? Who do you trust?

The honest answer is “it depends.” Lawyers can be expensive, and lawsuits can be very stressful and time consuming. Finding the right attorney can take time—or it can take a simple consultation to figure out if a prospective attorney is a good fit for you.

At Belzer Law, we understand that hiring an attorney can be a big step. During a consultation, our attorneys can walk you through the pros and cons of hiring an attorney for your particular matter. We are not going to categorically say that everyone should hire a lawyer. In fact, there are many times when we advise clients that the costs of representation, combined with the specific facts or issues in their case, means that they should not hire an attorney. You can count on us to be candid in our assessment of your case.

More importantly, our consultations will also give you a sense of whether we are the right firm for you. And at the end of the day, that is what matters most.

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Talk to our attorneys to discover the most effective options for your case.

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